Tuesday, March 9, 2010

20th International Youth Leadership Conference

 20th IYLC, Prague, Czech Republic, 11-16 July 2010

Although I miss my flight and was not able to attend the first day of its program, I was able to come the following day with help of my Filipino friends in Ankara who supported me financially. I have some reservations about this conference, however, what's important was that I met new people and learned from them.

I would like to acknowledge our hardworking and admirable facilitator Tara Lannen-Stanton for her kind words and wisdom.

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Tara's message: Nassef. It was an absolute pleasure being your facilitator this week. I really enjoyed your intellect and your continuous questioning of circumstances. That questions will take you so far and you will be very successful. I hope you do well at your next conference and finish your paper in time. Take care and good luck.

At the Senate session of Czech Republic, asking questions regarding issues in the security of the Middle East. (Picture taken by Ms. Tara)

With a serious, diligent yet funny group of Ms. Tara (lady in pink). (Picture taken by Ms. Tara)

The Defense group during the International Criminal Court simulation. (Picture taken by Ms. Tara)

With Filipino IYLC delegates and members of the diplomatic mission in Czech Republic.

With the Filipino IYLC delegates and Philippine Ambassador to Czech Republic. The embassy invited us for a luncheon meeting before I went back to Ankara.

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